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How would you describe your catering style? Local, seasonal, delicious. Celebratory feasts from 10 to 250 people using only the best locally sourced produce. Our signature style is a shared style feast but we also host an epic cocktail party.

Where are you located? Byron Bay.

Do you have a minimum spend? No

Average cost per head? $70-80 per person

Additional staffing costs? Approx $3,500 service fee for wedding with 100 guests (includes chefs, bar + floor staff)

Average estimated kitchen hire costs? Approx $1,200 kitchen equipment hire (venue dependant) + $15 per person for cutlery/crockery/glassware etc

Do you organise bar staff? Yes, included in above service fee – they make a mean Espresso Martini!

Do you organise alcohol purchases? No, but we are great at guiding on where to buy from and how much to buy.

Do you offer tastings? If so, what are your tasting costs? While we prefer our Brides + Grooms to trust our innate knowledge of food & feasting, we love to host them at our cafe or our newly set up kitchen at the Byron Golf Club to get a feel of our quality & passion for food. If tastings are a must, we will work with the Bride + Groom and work something out.

What is your favourite style of menu? Share-style feasting!! We love food shared around a table. It’s a warm and social way to eat and we love the way food brings people together.

Favourite catering trend? We’re not big on trends but we love to stay in tune with seasons and ensure everything we do reflects the best of what we can access at the time. We cook great produce simply and with integrity and allow the ingredients to speak for themselves.

What is your point of difference?  Less a point of difference – more of a commitment to quality each  and every time. Our staff are professional at every event but we also like to have fun on the job. We smile. Our food is not driven by trend – it’s local, seasonal and tastes as good as it looks, but we don’t mess with the classics.


Your Gourmet | click for website 

How would you describe your catering style? Your Gourmet offers a very elegant and yet warm friendly service and rustic fine dining experience.

Where are you located? Bangalow, Byron Bay

Do you have a minimum spend? $4,000 (not including staffing costs)

Average cost per head? $75 – $120pp (not including staffing costs)

Additional staffing costs? $35- $45 per head (includes waiters, bartenders, chefs and dishwashers)

Average estimated kitchen hire costs? $826

Do you organised bar staff? Yes.

Do you organise alcohol purchases? No, but we can help with who to go to + what to order.

Do you offer tastings? If so, what are your tasting costs? Free tasting events are offered every three months.

What is your favourite style of menu? Modern Australian + Rustic French

Favourite catering trend? Wedding cheese cake tower.

What is your point of difference? I am at every event personally and only cater one event per week which means incredible attention to detail and personal customer service.


The Grapevine | click for website

How would you describe your catering style? Relaxed, colourful, young and fresh

Where are you located? Byron Bay

Do you have a minimum spend? $400 minimum spend for small functions/ private dinners

Average cost per head? $60 – $85pp for food

Additional staffing costs? $30-$35 per wait person/chef and bar staff, worked out upon menu/style of event

Average estimated kitchen hire costs? Inclusive of cool room for drinks, approximately $700.00. This is not inclusive of cutlery/crockery & glassware.

Do you organise bar staff? Yes, if required

Do you organise alcohol purchases? No, we are BYO only

Do you offer tastings? If so, what are your tasting costs? We can, if requested. $70pp for a three course meal.

What is your favourite style of menu? Cocktail reception, with grazing tables, beautiful canapés, food stations

Favourite catering trend? Food Stations & grazing tables

What is your point of difference?  We are only interested in being a part of relaxed weddings and events – filled with good vibes!  We go above and beyond to create unique and individual menus/ presentation for our couples, with super tasty food at affordable prices.


The Van Fine Street Food | click for website

How would you describe your catering style? Innovative, thoughtful, modern and humble.

Where are you located? Noosa Heads, QLD

Do you have a minimum spend? Yes, $3000

Average cost per head? $55 to $90pp depending on menu of choice

Additional staffing costs? $38 p/h minimum 4 hour assignment. Travel costs to be considered. Usually 1 staff per 25 guests – this format changes depending on the event formatting.

Average estimated kitchen hire costs? From $1100 with travel, additional kitchen needs or staff quoted on request

Do you organise bar staff? Yes, we offer a full managed and serviced bar package with our mobile bar The Little Bar – this is inclusive of all your needs and can also invoice styled pop up bars if you don’t require the trailer bar.  Booking this is not essential and we’re always happy to woRk with your appointment mobile bar service provider.

Do you organise alcohol purchases? No, we’re not licensed but will manage and service all of your bar needs so you only need to provide us with your alcohol – we’ll do the rest. We’ll also be on hand to help with quantities and varieties if you need it.

Do you offer tastings? If so, what are your tasting costs? Yes, menu tastings can be arranged after the booking is confirmed if our couples feel the need to taste their menu in order to select the options. Menu tasting costs are confirmed on application.

What is your favourite style of menu?  To be truthful we love a good degustation menu with all the bells and whistles however a good shared meal with friends and some wine and we think thats the best way to enjoy great food.

Favourite catering trend? We’re not one for lording trends and instead try to keep ahead of any ebbs and flows in the restaurant and food scene. We’ll always love a good food station where guests can graze the afternoon away but we also love food thats delivered to your guests by attentive staff so you don’t need to worry about getting out of the marvellously comfy lounge to seek out some snacks.

What is your point of difference?  There are many of us who provide gorgeous food and care so much for the event from beginning to end and we love how there are similar operators to us that we can all lean on and appreciate during those hectic wedding season times. That said we do believe having our own mobile commercial kitchen is an advantage as it save our clients thousands on pop up kitchen costs and provides us with a reliable, mobile, clean kitchen to produce amazing food from no matter what the weather is! The Van of course doesn’t need to be on show, we don’t mind hiding it away and letting your day, our food steel the show.


Anise Catering | click for website

How would you describe your catering style? Produce driven with an emphasis on local ingredients. Presentation is one of our most important focus points along with ensuring that we have filled our clients needs and what they want for their perfect catering. Our style of food is of fresh clean distinctive flavours that have roots in Italian, Japanese, French, Argentinean, Mauritian and Creole cuisines.

Where are you located? Our catering head quarters is located in Mullumbimby, just outside of Byron Bay.

Do you have a minimum spend? We do not have a minimum spend however we have minimum numbers. Alfresco menus minimum numbers are 60 people. Canapé menus, cocktail menus, feasting, plated etc we have minimum numbers of 50 people. We are happy to cater to less however this is subject to consultation. For numbers of 20 people or less will require tailoring a menu specific to what we can provide for their price per head spend.

Additional staffing costs? We provide staffing included in the food cost and for the set estimated time that is required of the chosen menu’s delivery. For example a normal 2 course dinner will require staff for 3 hours of service to cook, serve, clear and tidy up. 3 course dinner will require staff for 4 hours.A  canapés service of 1.5 hours will require staff for 2 hours. Roving cocktail food of 1.5hours will require staff of 2hours. Food station and alfresco menus provide staff for 2 hours. Staffing rates apply for anything there after. Chefs $38 per hour. Kitchen porter staff $32 per hour. Wait staff $32 per hour.

Average estimated kitchen hire costs?  Average kitchen hire costs do depend on venue. If we have a sheltered space to set-up then we have basic costs of $500 for basic table needs, oven, heating, and wash tub requirements added onto to overall catering cost which we can build into our invoicing as a basic catering levy for non commercial venue. Any venue with out a basic fixed structure where power, water and enough shelter to set-up tabes, ovens and food warming facilities etc then we will then need a catering tent, flooring where applicable, in some cases a generator. If the client is supplying their own alcohol. then a cool room and beverage ice down tubs, service trays, ice buckets etc

Do you organise bar staff? We can organise and provide bar staff yes. Bar staff rates are $36 per hour.

Do you organise alcohol purchases? We can organise alcohol purchases yes and can provide a tailored beverage package.

Do you offer tastings? If so, what are your tasting costs? We offer tastings yes. $220 for 2 people is what we charge. If the client books our services then we offer this for free and subtract it from the clients final invoice total.

What is your favourite style of menu?  Our favourite style of menu is a plated dinner preceded by a mixture of canapés and live cooking such as open fires and grills and/ or individual and distinctive stations where we tailor something unique to the client.

Favourite catering trend? Favourite catering trend at the moment is live cooking/ bespoke style menus with emphasis on whole foods that are locally sourced and some new and intriguing ways of serving canapés/ guest interaction and even involvement is something I see as becoming more and more popular.

What is your point of difference? Our biggest point of difference is our product and our willingness to tailor our food and more importantly, a menu completely specific to our clients.